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Professor Paul M. Bingham / Professor Joanne Souza


[TOPIC 1]Humans - how are we unique and how unique are we?
[TOPIC 2]We know what life is – a special case of chemistry
[TOPIC 3]How genes build animals - the essential fundamentals and their implications
[TOPIC 4]How and how fast does natural selection actually work in the real world of sexual animals like us?
[TOPIC 5]How evolution produces animals that cooperate
[TOPIC 6]Kin-selected behaviors in humans
[TOPIC 7]Kinship-independent social cooperation – the fundamental, unique human adaptation
[TOPIC 8]Human sexual behavior – How we are like other animals – I
[TOPIC 9]Human sexual behavior – How we are unlike other animals – II
[TOPIC 10]Human childhood – More on how we are unlike other animals- III
[TOPIC 11 & 12]How and when we became human – the fossil record – I and II
[TOPIC 13]Human language – cooperation and information exchange – I
[TOPIC 14]Human language – cooperation and information exchange – II
[TOPIC 15 & 16]Extragenetic Information and the Uniquely Human Mind/Brain
[TOPIC 17]Introduction to a theory of history – how and when humans arose and spread around the world
[TOPIC 18]The behaviorally modern human revolution
[TOPIC 19]The bow, the sling and "“neolithic" revolutions. – I
[TOPIC 20]The bow, the sling and "“neolithic" revolutions. – II and Shock weaponry, body armor and "empire" – I
[TOPIC 21]Shock weaponry, body armor and "empire". – II
[TOPIC 22]Guns, cast iron and the emergence of the "modern state"
[TOPIC 23]Aircraft, rocketry and the emergence of pan-global human cooperation
[TOPIC 24]Final considerations - The contemporary world and a sustainable human future

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