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Welcome to Physics 124, the laboratory component of Physics 122. If you took PHY 121 and its lab PHY 123 last semester (Spring 2012), you'll recognize that the working of the lab component of that course is also used in this course. So you don't get behind, read through the rest of this page and then the Instructions page. Probably all of you should refresh your memory on how to handle Uncertainty, Error and Graphs; note that in PHY 124 we will continue to refer to the equations from that guide as E.1, E.2, etc.

This page has clickable links (in light blue on the computer screen) to materials you need for this laboratory course. (The links in red are, on purpose, not yet active.) The manuals for each lab (experiment) in this course are in online format and include video content and tools to help you make calculations and plot the data you collect and record. Although a manual will help guide you through each lab, it is very important that you read each one and complete the MapleTA Lab Preparation exercise (accessible through the Blackboard course page for your lab section) before you come to each lab session. The preparation exercise for each lab will only be accessible before the lab session and is worth 35% of the credit for that lab.

A noteworthy feature of this course is that there is no written report due after each lab. You will be assessed in class by your TAs based on exercises you complete and discussions you have with them. The assessment is of the form Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory/Non-serious attempt. If the TA awards a grade of Satisfactory, you will get the remaining 65 points for the lab. If the TA awards a grade of Unsatisfactory, you will get 35 points but but only if the TA has evidence that you made a real attempt to do the lab. If the TA determines that yours was a non-serious attempt to do the lab, you will get 0 of the 65 points for that lab. Since all work is done in class you should count on being in lab for the full 2 hours. If you miss a lab because of a documentable illness (official note from a physician) or some kind of other documentable emergency, you will be able to make the lab up in one of the designated make-up weeks, but you must arrange this with your TA and Prof. Koch and Prof. Rijssenbeek and give all of them the required documentation. For more detailed information about procedures please see the Instructions Page.

You can find information about your Section (when and where it meets) and your TA's contact details on the Sections page.

Below you can find the links to the written and visual material for each lab. Note that they will not be available until about one week before the respective lab meetings.

Uncertainty, Error and Graphs

Lab 1 - The Electric Field

Lab 2 - The Oscilloscope

Lab 3 - DC Circuits

Lab 4 - e/m of the Electron

Lab 5 - The Magnetic Field

Lab 6 - AC Circuits

Lab 7 - Interference and Diffraction

Lab 8 - Reflection, Refraction, and Imaging

Lab 9 - Atomic Spectra

Lab 10 - Radioactive decay

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