PHY 121/123 Course Page - Fall 2016

What email must you use? The primary campus email address ( or is the address to which the University sends official email notifications. Course related email will be sent to your University email account,‘’, and the account can be accessed here: It is your responsibility to read your email received at this account.


Welcome to Physics 121/123, the first half of the physics for life sciences course! On the left hand side of this page you can find links to the key pages you will need for the course. The course syllabus has detailed information for the course.

Note that you will receive the same combined grade for Phy 121 and 123 and have to be registered for both courses

You need to get the following required material:
1. Lecture Notes and Accompanying Lectures Videos. Download from here. You are expected to watch the material for a given period before coming to the workshop.
2. Text Book. See the various options in the syllabus.
3. A clicker to answer questions in the workshops. Purchased from the Turning Technologies online store. Instructions for registering your clicker in Blackboard can be found here
4. An online homework license. The cost is 113.95 dollars with etext, 66.95 dollars without etext (more costly options in the Syllabus), available at by clicking on the Register button. You need to get the 3rd edition of the book to be able to register for Mastering Physics online homework. The course id is MPHOBBS82732, and when you register you must use your SBU ID number for the Mastering Physics ID. If you do not use your SBU ID, you will not get HW credit (Note, if you buy the text book (see below) then you automatically get a license when you purchase the text book, but you still have to register online using the license key that came with the text book.)

Firsts for this Semester: (see the Course Calendar here)
First Workshop for credit (clicker must be registered in Blackboard): 9/13
First Homework for Workshop due (submitted online):“Syllabus Reading and Ch1 and Ch2” (stands for “Ch2_1” and “Ch2_2”) 9/8 11:59 PM. Thereafter we stick to the schedule that the HW is due at 11:59 PM on the day of the Workshop. Bonus starts with Ch3_1 if done before 9/12 8 PM.
First Help Room shift staffed: 9/07/16 9:00 AM Room A131.

You find the policies and procedures of the course in the Course Syllabus Please read the course syllabus carefully at the beginning of the semester.

Pay careful attention to the dates of the exams for the course: Two Midterm exams are scheduled 8:45-10:15 PM on Wednesday October 5 and Thursday November. 10. The final exam is Thursday December 15, 2:15-5:00 PM. You have to make sure there are no conflicts in your schedule – we cannot grant a makeup exam for any foreseeable circumstances. The registrar's policy that students have responsibility for avoiding exam conflicts is crystal clear, and exceptions will not be granted in this course. If you cannot take a midterm due to exceptional circumstances (documented illness or death in the immediate family), discuss with the instructor as soon as possible. We will increase the weights of the other parts of the course accordingly. If you miss the final with a valid excuse, you will receive an Incomplete in the course and a makeup final will be scheduled as promptly as possible after the end of the semester. The exams will be multiple choice, graded via scantron sheets (fill in the bubble with a #2 pencil).

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