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PHY 122 Course Page - Spring 2010

Welcome to Physics 122, the second half of the physics for life sciences course! On the left hand side of this page you can find links to the key pages you will need for the course.

Download your first 2 weeks of lecture videos for free here

This semester the Course ID for Mastering Physics is MPSTEPHENS94875

Most of the policies and procedures this semester will be the same as last semester's Physics 121, however you should still read the course syllabus carefully at the beginning of the semester.

Pay careful attention to the dates of the exams for the course: Two Midterm exams are scheduled 8:30-10:00 PM on March 1 and March 24. The final exam is May 14, 8:00-10:45 AM. You have to make sure there are no conflicts in your schedule – we cannot grant a makeup exam for any foreseeable circumstances. The registrar's policy that students have responsibility for avoiding exam conflicts is crystal clear, and exceptions will not be granted in this course. If you cannot take a midterm due to exceptional circumstances (documented illness or death in the immediate family), discuss with the instructor as soon as possible. We will increase the weights of the other parts of the course accordingly. If you miss the final with a valid excuse, you will receive an Incomplete in the course and a makeup final will be scheduled as promptly as possible after the end of the semester. The exams will be multiple choice, graded via scan-tron sheets (fill in the bubble with a #2 pencil).

The lectures you should watch before coming to workshop are recorded flash movies. Lectures for the first 2 weeks covering Chapter 15 (“Electric Charge and Force”) and Chapter 16 (“Electric Potential”) are posted publicly here, so nobody should be concerned that they will fall behind because they have not been able to purchase the recorded lectures. The Lecture Notes and Videos for the whole course can be downloaded from here. A serial number can be purchased for $40.00 there in order to activate the software on your PC or MAC. (The site is not yet accepting payments.) The method of license distribution will be slightly different (more flexible to use license on multiple computers) this time, and edusofd will not make printed notes available free of charge any more.

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