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Welcome to Physics 123, the laboratory component of Physics 121. This page is where you will find all the materials you will require for the laboratory. The lab manuals for this course are in an online format and include video content and tools to help you make calculations and plot the data you will record in your experiments. Although these pages are intended to guide you through the lab it is very important that you read through them and complete the MapleTA Lab Preparation exercise (accessible through the Blackboard course page for your lab section) before you come to your lab session. The lab preparation exercise will only be accessible before the lab session and is worth 35% of the credit for the lab.

A unique feature of this lab course is that there is no written report due after the lab. You will be assessed in class by your TAs based on exercises you complete and discussions you have with them. The assessment is of the form Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. If you are given a grade of Satisfactory then you will get the remaining 65% of the credit for the lab. Unsatisfactory grades mean you get only half credit for the lab. As all work is done in class you should count on being in lab for the full 2hrs. If you miss a lab because of illness or some kind of other emergency then you will be able to make the lab up in one of the designated make-up weeks, but you must arrange this with your TA and provide documentation. After the lab, there will be clicker questions on Friday workshops which will test what you have learned from the lab.

For more detailed information about procedures please see the Instructions Page.

You can find information about your Section (when and where it meets) and your TA's contact details on the Sections page.

Below you can find the links to the lab materials for each lab. Note that they will not necessarily be available until about one week before the lab takes place.

PHY 123 Lab 1 - Error, Uncertainty and Graphs-Online Exercise in Error,Uncertainty and Graphs

PHY 123 Lab 2 - Acceleration-Acceleration

PHY 123 Lab 3 - Projectile Motion-Projectile Motion

PHY 123 Lab 4 - Conservation of Energy-Energy

PHY 123 Lab 5 - Momentum-Momentum

PHY 123 Lab 6 - Angular Momentum-Angular Momentum

PHY 123 Lab 7 - Simple Harmonic Motion-Simple Harmonic Motion

PHY 123 Lab 8 - Standing Waves-Standing Waves

PHY 123 Lab 9 - Mechanical Equivalent of Heat-Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

Plotting Tool

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