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The best way to contact your TA outside of lab or helproom hours is by email. Please remember however that your TA is not your personal tutor, and if you need help quickly with homework then you would be better served by going to the helproom or posting your question on the course blog. Your TAs are also not responsible for defective webpages, clicker malfunctions, or general course questions, those kinds of questions are best directed the faculty being responsible for the current part of the semester (and if you think that someone else might benefit from the answer to your question, put in on the blog!).

TA Email (_at_ = @)
Faculty Email (_at_ = @) Responsibilites
Roderich EngelmannRoderich.Engelmann_at_stonybrook.eduCourse and Lab (August 30-October 1)
Dmitri TsybychevDmitri.Tsybychev_at_stonybrook.eduCourse and Lab (October 4-October 29)
John HobbsJohn.Hobbs_at_stonybrook.eduCourse and Lab (November 1-December 8)
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