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Note that sections 5 and 6 and sections 9 and 10 have been combined into single sections but are still run as separate sections on Solar/Blackboard.

Note also that the assignment of TAs may change.


Lab Time Room Primary TA Secondary TA
1Monday 3:50-5:50A121Rahul PatelCiprian Gal
2Monday 3:50-5:50A119Sujan DabholkarNathan Cook
3Monday 6:00-8:00A121Wanyu YeJohn Elgin
4Monday 6:00-8:00A119Sujan DabholkarAndrey Gromov
5Monday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginWanyu Ye
6Monday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginWanyu Ye
7Tuesday 6:00-8:00A121Taposhi BiswasJohn Elgin
8Tuesday 6:00-8:00A119Tianmu XinPiranavan Kumaravadivel
9Tuesday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginTaposhi Biswas
10Tuesday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginTaposhi Biswas
11Thursday 12:50-2:50A121Heli VoraSujan Dabholkar
12Thursday 12:50-2:50A119Nathan CookAndrey Gromov
13Wednesday 6:00-8:00A121Andrey GromovRahul Patel
14Wednesday 6:00-8:00A119Ciprian GalPiranavan Kumaravadivel
15Monday 12:50-2:50A121Heli VoraRahul Patel
16Monday 12:50-2:50A119Tianmu XinDaniel Vaeth
17Thursday 3:50-5:50A121Ciprian GalNathan Cook
18Thursday 3:50-5:50A119Andrey GromovHeli Vora
19Thursday 6:00-8:00A121Wanyu YeCiprian Gal
20Thursday 6:00-8:00A119Piranavan KumaravadivelTianmu Xin
21Wednesday 12:50-2:50A121Rahul PatelHeli Vora
22Wednesday 12:50-2:50A119Daniel VaethWanyu Ye
23Tuesday 12:50-2:50A121Nathan CookTianmu Xin
24Tuesday 12:50-2:50A119Piranavan KumaravadivelSujan Dabholkar


The best way to contact your TA outside of lab or helproom hours is by email. Please remember however that your TA is not your personal tutor, and if you need help quickly with homework then you would be better served by going to the helproom or posting your question on the course blog. Your TAs are also not responsible for defective webpages, clicker malfunctions, or general course questions, those kinds of questions are best directed to one of the faculty (and if you think that someone else might benefit from the answer to your question, put in on the blog!).

TA Email (_at_ = @)
Faculty Email (_at_ = @) Responsibilites
Matthew Labs (all semester) and Workshops (October 5-October 30)
Roderich Engelmannroderich.engelmann_at_stonybrook.eduWorkshops (August 31-October 2)
Peter Stephenspstephens_at_stonybrook.eduCourse web pages and Blackboard. Workshops(November 4-December 11)
Thomas Weinachtthomas.weinacht_at_stonybrook.eduHelproom management
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