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Welcome to Physics 123, the laboratory component of Physics 121. This page is where to find all the materials you will require for the laboratory. It has clickable links (in green on the computer screen) to materials you need for this laboratory course. (The links in red are, on purpose, not yet active.) The manuals for each lab (experiment) in this course are in online format and include video content and tools to help you make calculations and plot the data you collect and record. Although a manual will help guide you through each lab, it is very important that you read each and come prepared for your Labs next week.


Read it carefully and make sure you understand the policy:

You must attend ALL lab sessions; missing the in-lab work for more than one lab gets you an automatic “F” for the “Mother course”, PHY 121, as well as for the Lab course PHY 123! If you miss the in-lab work for one lab, your combined grade for both courses will drop by one letter, e.g., B+ to C+, A to B, etc. “Missing” means you did not attend the regularly scheduled session when that particular lab was done by your lab section AND you did not attend the specially scheduled make-up session that included that particular lab. (If you do not do a lab pretest you will, naturally, get zero points for it, but there is no penalty beyond that.)

If you have a valid and documented excuse for missing your regularly scheduled lab session, contact your TA immediately by email. Make-up periods are scheduled for groups of labs; you may make-up a lab you missed for a valid reason only during the particular makeup period that includes that lab!

To repeat: Any student missing one in-lab session and not making it up at the makeup session that is specifically scheduled to include that particular missed lab will have the letter grade for both PHY 123 and its parent course PHY 121 dropped by one letter! Any student missing more two or more in-lab sessions will fail both PHY 123 and its parent course PHY 121! Note: you cannot make up a particular missed lab at just any of the three make-up in-lab sessions that are scheduled: you must go to the specific in-lab make-up session that is scheduled to include that particular missed lab.

You will come to the LAB ON TIME, without exception. If you are late, you will miss valuable time to perform the experiment. If you come later than 10 minutes, you will also miss the practical introduction to the lab by the TA essential for the success of the experiment, beyond your own preparation of the the Lab before you come in. You will come in to EACH lab with the PRINT OUT OF THE WORKSHEET. You will fill that in during the Lab and submit it to your TA before you leave. You will be assessed in class by your TAs based on a short interview: Up to 50% of the grade will be based on your preparation coming in to the lab. Your performance in the lab and THIS written worksheet will constitute the remaining 50% of your grade. Your numerical grade will be passed on to PHY 121 instructor.

The TA will return your graded worksheet to you at the next meeting of your lab section.

If you miss a lab because of a documentable illness (official dated note signed by a physician with his/her phone number) or some kind of other documentable emergency (dated note signed by a responsible official with his/her phone number), you will be able to make up that lab but only during the make-up week that specifically includes that lab. You must arrange this with your TA and/or Prof. Dehmelt and give both of them the required documentation.

For more detailed information about procedures please see the Instructions Page.

You can find information about your PHY 123.L## lab section (when and where it meets) at and your TA's contact details on Blackboard.

You can find the links to the lab materials for each lab at the sidebar. Note that they will not necessarily be available until about one week before the lab takes place.

Check out the Straight Line Graph Plotting Tool.

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