Note that the assignment of TAs may change.

Timetable for PHY 123.L## Sections (Fall 2013)

6 sections meet on Monday; 4 sections meet on Tuesday; 4 sections meet on Wednesday; 2 sections meet on Thursday.

Sec Day Time Room Primary TA Secondary TA(updates)
L01Monday1:00-2:50A121Anar AmgalanSheridan Curley-
L02Monday1:00-2:50A119Rasmus LarsenMark Mace-
L03Monday4:00-5:50A121Anar AmgalanSheridan Curley-
L04Monday4:00-5:50A119Xinan ZhouScott Mills-
L05Monday7:00-8:50A121Scott MillsXinan Zhou-
L06Monday7:00-8:50A119Raphael CervantesZhongling Ji9/10/13
L07Tuesday1:00-2:50A121Mark MaceRaphael Cervantes-
L08Tuesday1:00-2:50A119Rasmus LarsenZhongling Ji-
L09Tuesday7:00-8:50A121Sheridan CurleyMark Mace-
L10Tuesday7:00-8:50A119Xinan ZhouRasmus Larsen-
L11Wednesday4:00-5:50A121Sheridan CurleyAnar Amgalan-
L12Wednesday4:00-5:50A119Scott MillsXinan Zhou-
L13Wednesday7:00-8:50A121Raphael CervantesAnar Amgalan-
L14Wednesday7:00-8:50A119Zhongling JiRasmus Larsen-
L15Thursday1:00-2:50A121Zhongling JiScott Mills9/10/13
L16Thursday1:00-2:50A119Mark MaceRaphael Cervantes9/10/13


The best way to contact your TA outside of lab or helproom hours is by email. Please remember however that your TA is not your personal tutor, and if you need help quickly with homework then you would be better served by going to the Help Room (A-131) before shooting off email(s) to your lab TA or course faculty member. Your TAs are also not responsible for defective webpages, clicker malfunctions, or general course questions. Those kinds of questions are best directed to one of the faculty.

TA Email (_at_ = @)
Faculty Email (_at_ = @) Responsibilites
Rod EngelmannRoderich.Engelmann_at_stonybrook.edu1st “half” of PHY 121
John HobbsJohn.Hobbs_at_stonybrook.edu2nd “half” of PHY 121
Peter KochPeter.Koch_at_stonybrook.eduPHY 123 Labs (all semester)
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