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Note that sections 5 and 6 and sections 9 and 10 have been combined into single sections but are still run as separate sections on Solar/Blackboard.

Note also that the assignment of TAs may change.


Lab Time Room Primary TA Secondary TA
1Monday 3:50-5:50A121Rahul PatelCiprian Gal
2Monday 3:50-5:50A119Sujan DabholkarNathan Cook
3Monday 6:00-8:00A121Wanyu YeJohn Elgin
4Monday 6:00-8:00A119Sujan DabholkarAndrey Gromov
5Monday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginWanyu Ye
6Monday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginWanyu Ye
7Tuesday 6:00-8:00A121Taposhi BiswasJohn Elgin
8Tuesday 6:00-8:00A119Tianmu XinPiranavan Kumaravadivel
9Tuesday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginTaposhi Biswas
10Tuesday 8:00-10:00A121John ElginTaposhi Biswas
11Thursday 12:50-2:50A121Heli VoraSujan Dabholkar
12Thursday 12:50-2:50A119Nathan CookAndrey Gromov
13Wednesday 6:00-8:00A121Andrey GromovRahul Patel
14Wednesday 6:00-8:00A119Ciprian GalPiranavan Kumaravadivel
15Monday 12:50-2:50A121Heli VoraRahul Patel
16Monday 12:50-2:50A119Tianmu XinDaniel Vaeth
17Thursday 3:50-5:50A121Ciprian GalNathan Cook
18Thursday 3:50-5:50A119Andrey GromovHeli Vora
19Thursday 6:00-8:00A121Wanyu YeCiprian Gal
20Thursday 6:00-8:00A119Piranavan KumaravadivelTianmu Xin
21Wednesday 12:50-2:50A121Rahul PatelHeli Vora
22Wednesday 12:50-2:50A119Daniel VaethWanyu Ye
23Tuesday 12:50-2:50A121Nathan CookTianmu Xin
24Tuesday 12:50-2:50A119Piranavan KumaravadivelSujan Dabholkar


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