Timetable for PHY 124.L## sections

## Day and Time Room Primary TA Secondary TA
01Monday 12:00-1:50A120Sheridan CurleyWenqing Fan
02Monday 12:00-1:50A118Anar AmgalanYanliang Shi
03Monday 2:30-4:20A120Wenqing FanMark Mace
04Monday 2:30-4:20A118Anar AmgalanHualong Gervais
05Monday 4:30-6:20A120Sheridan CurleyAnar Amgalan
06Monday 4:30-6:20A118Zhongling JiYanliang Shi
07Monday 7:00-8:50A120Xinan ZhouMark Mace
08Monday 7:00-8:50A118Yanliang ShiSheridan Curley
09Tuesday 1:00-2:50A120Mark MaceXinan Zhou
10Tuesday 1:00-2:50A118Hualong GervaisZhongling Ji
11Wednesday 2:30-4:20A120Wenqing FanAnar Amgalan
12Wednesday 2:30-4:20A118Zhongling JiHualong Gervais
13Wednesday 7:00-8:50A120Xinan ZhouWenqing Fan
14Wednesday 7:00-8:50A118Yanliang ShiSheridan Curley
15Thursday 1:00-2:50A120Mark MaceXinan Zhou
16Thursday 1:00-2:50A118Hualong GervaisZhongling Ji


The best way to contact your TA outside of lab or helproom hours is by email. Please remember however that your TA is not your personal tutor, and if you need help quickly with homework then you would be better served by going to the helproom, A-131 physics building. Your lab TAs are also not responsible for defective webpages, clicker malfunctions, or general course questions; those kinds of questions are best directed to one of the faculty, and if you think that someone else might benefit from the answer to your question, feel free to suggest that the faculty member post it as Announcement on Blackboard + send it out as an email to all students in the course.

TA Email (_at_ = @)
Faculty Email (_at_ = @)
John HobbsJohn.Hobbs_at_stonybrook.edu1st “third” of the semester
Dmitri TsybychevDmitri.Tsybychev_at_stonybrook.edu2nd “third” of the semester
Rod EngelmannRoderich.Engelmann_at_stonybrook.edulast “third” of the semester

While we're on the subject: YOUR email address

NEW (as of the Spring 2013 semester) ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION POLICY FOR ALL STONY BROOK STUDENTS: Email to your University email account is an important way of communicating with you for this course. For most students the email address is ‘’, and the account can be accessed here: It is your responsibility to read your email received at this account.

For instructions about how to verify your University email address see this: . You can set up email forwarding using instructions here: . If you choose to forward your University email to another account, we are not responsible for any undeliverable messages.

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