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Uncertainty, Error and Graphs

PHY124 Lab 1 - The Oscilloscope 4-7 Feb.

PHY 124 Lab 2 - Electric Field Plotting 11-14 Feb.

PHY 124 Lab 3 - DC circuits

PHY 124 Lab 4 - Magnetic Force and Induction

PHY 124 Lab 5 - AC circuits

PHY 124 Lab 6 - Interference and Diffraction

PHY 124 Lab 7 - Reflection, Refraction and Images

PHY 124 Lab 8 - Measurement of e/m for the electron

PHY 124 Lab 9 - Atomic Spectra

PHY 124 Lab 10 - Nuclear gamma rays and decay

Plotting Tool

PHY 122 homepage


Note: Use a computer to look at these web pages! You lose “the big picture” if you use a smartphone or other device having a small screen. Sometimes equations on these pages display strangely if you are using Internet Explorer 8. It's better to Internet Explorer 9 or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, both of which are better browsers anyway. You also need to have Java and Flash installed.

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