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Welcome to Physics 124, the laboratory component of Physics 122. This page is where you will find all the materials you will require for the laboratory.

A unique feature of this lab course is that there is no written report due after the lab. You will be assessed in class by your TAs based on exercises you complete and discussions you have with them. The assessment is of the form Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. If you are given a grade of Satisfactory then you will get the ful For more detailed information about procedures please see the Instructions Page.

The lab manuals for this course are in an online format and include video content and tools to help you make calculations and plot the data you will record in your experiments. Probably all of you should refresh your memory on how to handle Error, Uncertainty and Graphs. Note that in PHY124 we will refer to the equations we referred to last semester as 1.something as E.something so as not to confuse them with PHY 124 Lab 1.

Below you can find the links to the lab materials for each lab.

Error, Uncertainty and Graphs

PHY 124 Lab 1 - Electric Field Plotting

PHY124 Lab 2 - The Oscilloscope

PHY 124 Lab 3 - DC circuits

PHY 124 Lab 4 - Magnetic Force and Induction

PHY 124 Lab 5 - AC circuits

PHY 124 Lab 6- Interference and Diffraction

PHY124 Lab 7 - Reflection, Refraction and Images

PHY 124 Lab 8 - Measurement of e/m for the electron

PHY 124 Lab 9 - Atomic Spectra

PHY124 Lab 10 - Nuclear gamma rays and decay

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