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 +====== Sections ======
 +===== Timetable =====
 +^ Lab ^Time ^ Room ^ Primary TA ^Secondary TA^
 +|1|Monday 3:​50-5:​50|A120|Sujan Dabholkar|Andrey Gromov|
 +|2|Monday 3:​50-5:​50|A118|Heli Vora|Joshua Ilany|
 +|3|Monday 6:​00-8:​00|A120|Sujan Dabholkar|Piranavan Kumaravadivel|
 +|4|Monday 6:​00-8:​00|A118|Andrey Gromov |Wanyu Ye|
 +|5|Monday 8:​00-10:​00|A120|Piranavan Kumaravadivel|Wanyu Ye|
 +|6|Monday 12:​50-2:​50|A118|Joshua Ilany|Heli Vora|
 +|9|Tuesday 6:​00-8:​00|A120|Rahul Patel|Sujan Dabholkar|
 +|10|Tuesday 6:​00-8:​00|A118|Betul Pamuk|Andrey Gromov|
 +|11|Tuesday 8:​00-10:​00|A120|Wanyu Ye|Taposhi Biswas|
 +|12|Tuesday 12:​50-2:​50|A118|Taposhi Biswas|Tianmu Xin|
 +|13|Wednesday 3:​50-5:​50|A118|Andrey Gromov|Piranavan Kumaravadivel|
 +|14|Wednesday 3:​50-5:​50|A120|Joshua Ilany|Heli Vora|
 +|15|Wednesday 6:​00-8:​00|A118|Piranavan Kumaravadivel|Tianmu Xin|
 +|16|Wednesday 6:​00-8:​00|A120|Heli Vora|Rahul Patel|
 +|17|Thursday 12:​50-2:​50|A118|Rahul Patel|Daniel Vaeth|
 +|18|Thursday 12:​50-2:​50|A120|Betul Pamuk|Tianmu Xin|
 +|21|Thursday 3:​50-5:​50|A118|Daniel Vaeth|Joshua Ilany|
 +|22|Thursday 3:​50-5:​50|A120|Tianmu Xin|Betul Pamuk|
 +===== Emails =====
 +The best way to contact your TA outside of lab or helproom hours is by email. Please remember however that your TA is //not// your personal tutor, and if you need help quickly with homework then you would be better served by going to the helproom or posting your question on the course [[http://​phy122help.blogspot.com/​|blog]]. Your TAs are also not responsible for defective webpages, clicker malfunctions,​ or general course questions, those kinds of questions are best directed to one of the faculty (and if you think that someone else might benefit from the answer to your question, put in on the blog!).
 +^ TA ^ Email (_//at//_ = @)^
 +|Taposhi Biswas|taposhi.biswas_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu|
 +|Sujan Dabholkar|dsujan_//​at//​_gmail.com|
 +|Andrey Gromov|gromovand_//​at//​_gmail.com|
 +|Joshua Ilany|Joshua.Ilany_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu|
 +|Piranavan Kumaravadivel|pkumarav_//​at//​_ic.sunysb.edu|
 +|Betul Pamuk|pamukbetul_//​at//​_gmail.com|
 +|Rahul Patel|rahul.patel.1_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu|
 +|Daniel Vaeth|dvaeth_//​at//​_ic.sunysb.edu|
 +|Heli Vora|helivora_//​at//​_gmail.com|
 +|Tianmu Xin|tianmux_//​at//​_gmail.com|
 +|Wanyu Ye|wanyu.ye_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu|
 +^ Faculty ^ Email (_//at//_ = @)^
 +|Matthew Dawber|matthew.dawber_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu| ​
 +|Roderich Engelmann|roderich.engelmann_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu|
 +|Peter Stephens|pstephens_//​at//​_stonybrook.edu|
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