Legal Research at Stony Brook


I.                    Cases.

A.                 Supreme Court

1.                  Cases

a)                  Hard Copies

(1)               United States Reports

(2)               Supreme Court Reporter

(3)               Lawyer’s Edition

(4)               United States Law Week

b)                  Online

(1)               Law Office Information Systems (LOIS)

(2)               Cornell.

(3)               Lexis:

2.                  Oral Arguments.

3.                  Briefs. 

a)                  Lexis:

B.                 U.S. Courts of Appeals Cases

1.                  Federal Reporter

2.                  LOIS


4.                  Lexis:

C.                 U.S. District Court Cases

1.                  Federal Supplement

2.                  Lexis:

D.                 State Supreme Court Cases

1.                  LOIS (availability varies)


3.                  Lexis:

II.                 Law Journals

A.                 Index to Legal Periodicals


C.                 Lexis:

III.               Social Science Journal Articles

A.                 Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law

B.                 Stars: Social Science Abstracts

C.                 JSTOR:

D.                 Web of Science:

IV.              Books

A.                 Stars

B.                 Law and Politics Book Review:

V.                 More online information: