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About the Sourcebook

The Assignment Sourcebook for Writing Teachers, developed by the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at SUNY Stony Brook, is a gathering place for instructors of writing to share their favorite assignments.

Stony Brook faculty and teaching assistants are invited to make suggestions by e-mail or to drop off assignments in the envelope on the door of the Xerox room. For those who want guidelines, they are available online here. There is also an Adobe Acrobat version of the guidelines here. It is not necessary to follow the form to submit.

All are welcome to use these assignments in their classes, and to print out the assignment pages as needed. You are encouraged to send an e-mail to the instructor who contributed the assignment and let them know how it went. E-mail addresses of contributors are given at the bottom of the assignment pages.

Feedback is welcome. E-mail any questions, problems or suggestions to the site manager.


Site Manager: Cynthia Davidson . Sourcebook Committee: Anne Beaufort, Justin Brent, Clare A.Frost, Murray Lamond, Jay McRoy. Program in Writing and Rhetoric Director: Kay Losey.

This project was initiallly funded by a SUNY Stony Brook Presidential Mini-Grant for Innovative Teaching.