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Triple Journal Entry

Assignment Summary

Students will create four columns with the following headings:

Quotation from Text
Personal Meaning
Meaning in Text
Universal Meaning.

They are instructed that while they are reading a text they are to write in a specified number of direct quotations from the text in the first column. They will then write their personal meaning or reaction to that text.

In the next column they write the meaning of the quotation in relation to the actual text: what it means in the text.

In the final column they abstract the universal meaning of the quotation. This is a subjective deduction based on the relation of the quotation to both their personal and reactions and the meaning of the quotation within the text.

While the second column, the personal meaning, could be used to generate ideas for narrative writing, I use the universal meaning to generate ideas for a subjective essay. Within each quotation they will be able to cite personal examples as narration, and also literary or textual examples.

Instructor's Comments

genre textual analysis, narrative, argument
course WRT 101 and up
activity type individual writing assignment
skills close reading, analysis
duration 1 class (or homework)
any assigned text (essay, literature, etc.), journal
handouts: none
contributor: Richard Buch