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Analyzing Writing Assignments Across the Disciplines (pt. 2)

Assignment Summary

Assignment part 1

Group Activity: Analyzing Paper Assignments Group



Read through the paper assignment sheet you’ve been given and answer the following questions. Be ready to summarize the paper assignment and share your answers with the class. What does the teacher say in this assignment to indicate his or her expectations regarding the following categories?

1. Purpose of the assignment/ Goals of the paper:






2. Style and characteristics of the paper:






3. Content of the paper:






4. Audience you are addressing:







5. Important features and considerations in this context: Are there any other aspects of this assignment you might want to consider as you approach it?






Instructor's Comments

genre survey, textual analysis, argument, writing across the disciplines
course WRT 101 and up
activity type small group discussion, class discussion
skills analysis, close reading, oral presentation, essay planning, audience awareness
duration 1 class
see handouts, overhead projector
handouts: Group Worksheet (html, Word file), Papers for Presentation: Topics (html, Word file)
contributor: Emily Clasper