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Using Art to Create Summary/Response (pt.2)

In-Class Writing: Using Art to Create Summary/Response

Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper. You can use this paper, but you may run out of room. It’s best to leave about an inch of space between your answers.

1. Choose a picture from The Art Box. If you don't like the one you choose, or don't feel comfortable with it, choose another.

2. Describe what is physically apparent in the picture, as a detached observer. Pay attention to detail. Even describe what you don't understand or comprehend, as if you were observing bacteria in a dish, etc.

3. Describe the emotional content of the picture. This can be what you perceive in the picture, what you think the artist felt, what you feel, etc.

4. Describe the values that you detect in the picture (i.e., patriotism, free speech, devotion to God, etc.)

5. Briefly, try to tell the story that the picture is acting out or hinting at. If you can't see one happening, try to make one up by combining the elements that you do see.

6. Describe something that the picture seems to be arguing or proposing, taking 3, 4, and 5 into consideration. If one isn't apparent, don't be afraid to stretch credulity.

7. Describe one thing that seems to be missing from the picture.

8. Go back to number 2 and, under 3-7, list physical details which support your answers for 3,4,5,6, and 7.

9. After you're finished, swap pictures with a partner and do the exercise with that picture. Now compare the results with your partner.