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Peer Response Self-Evaluation Letter pt. 2

Assignment Summary

Assignment pt. 1

Part 2: Peer Response Self-Evaluation Letter Form

Dear Professor ______________________________,


I responded to the Informal Essay drafts by ____________________________________and____________________________________.

Check ONLY one:

_____I feel my peer responses deserve an A. I wrote a thorough set of comments designed to help my peer a) give examples, or give more specific details; b) expand on ideas or narrow the focus; c) include more personal feelings, thoughts, or analysis; and/or d) work on the overall shape and structure of the essay. I combined specific questions with advice or tentative suggestions. I may have included praise and/or some of my own thoughts about the issue to inspire my peer toward productive revision. If there were glaring errors, especially ones that impeded meaning, I drew attention to them. I tried to encourage but also challenge my peer.

_____I feel that my peer responses deserve a B. My responses were good, though maybe not exceptional. I found places where my peer could develop, add, cut, or condense. I did write more than the minimum, but had a little trouble writing a thorough, comprehensive set of responses.

_____I feel my peer responses are about average, and thus deserve a C. I wrote a minimal number of comments or questions (3-4), and at least a couple of them addressed ways the writer might develop the content.

_____I feel my responses are weak and deserve a D. I wrote fewer than the minimum number of comments, OR my comments focused mostly on local matters such as wording, rather than global, large-scale matters of content, development, and organization. I will make an appointment to see you during office hours to discuss my difficulties as a responder and find out strategies for improving the responses I give my peers in the second half.



Instructor's Comments

genre narrative
course WRT 102
activity type small group discussion, group revision exercise
skills peer evaluation, holistic (generative) revision, paragraph-level revision, interpersonal communication, analysis, personal assessment
duration 1-2 classes
draft of narrative (informal or reflective) essay
contributor: Ron DePeter