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Writing a Proposal

Assignment Summary

Introduction: Define your issue and your purpose in writing about this topic in a way that sparks your readers' interest in the topic.

Rationale: Prove to your readers that this issue is important to you by providing illustrative examples from your varied life experiences that have brought you to this point in your thinking. When your reader finishes this section they should understand in no uncertain terms just how important this issue is to YOU. This section is the heart of your proposal and should be well-developed.

Research Plans: In this section of your paper answer the following questions:1. What do you already know about this issue? 2. What do you still need to know and want to learn or discover through your research? In other words, what questions still need to be answered and what are your concerns for finding what you need?

Implications: This section of your paper is what I call the "so what" section. Your readers want to know: Why does this research matter? Why is it worthwhile to conduct research in this area? Why should we care about this issue? In this section you get to speculate on the implications and importance of your findings for you, for your reader, for the world, for the future.


Guidelines: Your proposal should be three pages typed. Please label each section of your paper as outlined above.

Instructor's Comments

genre argument
course WRT 102
activity type individual writing assignment
skills essay planning, analysis
duration not applicable
handouts: none
contributor: Clare A. Frost