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SUNY Stony Brook Assignment Sourcebook for Writing Teachers

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TAs and faculty in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric with at least one semester of teaching experience are invited to contribute their favorite teaching assignments to the department's new online sourcebook, which will appear on a web site some time later this year. It will be a convenient way to share materials, especially helpful for new teachers and TAs in the practicum. This sourcebook will be easy to update. Instructors will be able to save individual assignments, print them out, or link them to their own syllabi or web pages.

What we'd like to see:
unusual or original assignments
assignments that have worked well
assignments for a variety of classroom situations, genres, and levels

What we need to avoid:
assignments from textbooks or journals such as College English , or assignments that you found on the Internet
assignments that you've never tried out in a class

If you have "inherited" an assignment from another teacher, learned about it at a seminar, etc., you need to give credit to that person or group in the assignment summary or commentary.

Attached is a form for you to fill out. You may submit as many assignments as you like. You may be asked to revise or edit your submission. Not all submissions will necessarily be accepted.

Mail contributions to:

Program in Writing and Rhetoric
198 Humanities
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794

or e-mail to sourcebk@ic.sunysb.edu


Submission form for online assignment sourcebook

Please keep answers for 1-8 brief.

1. Contributor:

2. Assignment title:

3. Class which assignment is intended for (use SUNYSB designations for Fall, 1999):

4. Genre being taught (if applicable--identify informal essay, argument with or without research, textual analysis)

5. Type of activity (small group discussion, peer editing, etc.)

6. Goals of assignment (approximately 4-5 sentence maximum)

7. Previous work assigned (readings, freewriting, previous draft in hand, etc.)

8. Keywords that could be associated with the assignment for searching purposes:

For these last two, please be more detailed.

9. Summary of assignment: (describe the assignment in detail)

10. Instructor's comments (add your own observations, anecdotes about how the assignment has worked in the past, anything that would add to the presentation)

E-mail to sourcebk@ic.sunysb.edu