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Writing Assignment Sourcebook: Assignment Titles

Analysis From the Inside Out
Analyzing Writing Across the Disciplines
BMRs, Blow-Ups and Implants
Brownstein's Style Rules
Careful Reading and Marginal Note-Taking
The Collage
Extended Scene Writing
Extended Scene Analysis
Family Photograph Essay
The Four Directions in Writing the Profile
From Text to Thesis
Genre Jumping
Genres and Academic Discourse
Ideas for In-Class Writing: Various Topics and Approaches
The Logic Behind Problem Areas
Mapping a Paper
Narrative Essay Assignment
Online Interviews
Personal Narrative Exercise
Peer Response Self-Evaluation Letter
Plagiarism Exercises
Process Writing With Hook, Line, and Sinker
Proving the Impossible: An Exercise in Early Research Paper Writing
Reading Your Paper Aloud
Revising Introductions
Sentence Variety Structure
Sharing and Developing Research Topics
Survival Kit: An Inductive Approach to Cultural and Textual Analysis
Ten Tricks for Taking an Essay Test
Thesis and Thesis Examples
Textual Analysis Assignment
Triple Journal Entry
Using Art to Create Summary/Response
Using the New York Times for Analysis
Writing a Proposal
Writing an Argument
Writing an Effective Summary