Our Goal:
"To inspire and promote ballroom dancing among the Stony Brook University student body.
To represent Stony Brook University in inter-collegiate competitions.
To appreciate the beauty of ballroom dance and to share that common interest among Stony Brook students."


Tuesdays 9:00-11:00 pm
Nassau Hall

Wednesday Socials 8:30 - 10:30pm
Union Bi-Level

Thursdays 9:00-10:30 pm
Sports Complex Dance Studio


Email: ballroom@ic.sunysb.edu



Binghamton Dance Dance Revolution
Saturday, February 18th
MIT Open Ballroom
Dance Competition
Saturday, March 17th - Sunday, March 18th


Frequently Asked Questions:

The difference between the club and the team is the level of instruction and commitment. The club is a purely social organization - emphasis is placed on learning to dance socially. Steps and leading/following skills are taught at a level appropriate for social dancing. There are no responsibilities associated with club membership - just show up on Wednesday nights and have fun!. Team coaching is designed to prepare the dancer for intercollegiate competitions, and it progresses at a much more rapid, intensive pace than the club lessons. Dance steps are taught in a substantially more detailed manner, and a greater emphasis is placed on technique. While many team members chose to compete, it is not required.

No prior experience is necessary for either the club OR the team.

No partner is needed for club lessons. Partners are rotated throughout the lesson, so there will always be someone for you to dance with. No partner is necessary when joining the team, either. Eventually you will find other dancers that you work well with, and will form partnerships with them. It is common to change partners several times until you find someone you work well with. It is also common to do different dances or styles of dance with different partners in competitions. There is generally an even mix of leaders and followers. The older team members and the coach can help you find a partner and give you advice, but they will never force you to dance with anyone. It's always up to you.

Joining the club is completely free. Team membership is also free. However, to participate in competitions you must put down a $10 deposit, which will be refunded to you at the competition. This is a security precaution to prevent us from losing people last minute. You will then only be responsible for chipping in a few bucks for gas & tolls for the drive up and back.

The club's mission is to spread appreciation for ballroom dance to the Stony Brook community. We do this by offering free dance classes in all styles: Smooth/Standard, Latin/Rhythm, Hustle, and Merengue. We also host dance parties and events with other clubs on campus throughout the semester. A typical meeting involves a few minutes to handle any announcements or club business, followed by an hour-long dance lesson. We currently have 40-50 members who come to various lessons throughout the semester. Join our mailing list to find out what dances are taught each week and when our special events are taking place.

The team's mission is to spread appreciation for Dancesport, or competitive Ballroom and Latin dance, to the Stony Brook community. Ballroom/Latin Dancesport was recently recognized by the International Olympic Committee as an official Olympic sport, and was part of the 2008 Games! Dancesport is a sport as well as an art form, and the SUNY SB Dance Team members represent Stony Brook in intercollegiate and Amateur competitions across the country. There is also an SB Formation Team that performs both on campus and across Long Island and the boroughs of NYC. The Team offers many opportunities for those who wish to take their dancing beyond the social floor. Regular attendance is highly encouraged for all team members, as this is where routines are presented and technique is taught.

You do not need to purchase special dance clothes or shoes for club or team lessons. We just advise that you wear something comfortable to dance in. Although it is still not necessary, most team members decide to invest in ballroom shoes as they continue to compete For those who are interested in purchasing special dance shoes an older team member or coach can advise you on which brand and style to purchase.

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