Our Goal:
"To inspire and promote ballroom dancing among the Stony Brook University student body.
To represent Stony Brook University in inter-collegiate competitions.
To appreciate the beauty of ballroom dance and to share that common interest among Stony Brook students."


Tuesdays 9:00-11:00 pm
Nassau Hall

Wednesday Socials 8:30 - 10:30pm
Union Bi-Level

Thursdays 9:00-10:30 pm
Sports Complex Dance Studio


Email: ballroom@ic.sunysb.edu



Binghamton Dance Dance Revolution
Saturday, February 18th
MIT Open Ballroom
Dance Competition
Saturday, March 17th - Sunday, March 18th


Yelena Mirsakova

Yelena has been on the team for three years, holding the position of Public Relations Officer last year. The team is her life - you'll rarely find her talking about anything else! She has been doing jazz/hip hop on and off for most of her life and first started doing ballroom at the age of 15 after watching her parents start taking lessons. She is an Information Systems major with a specialization in Digital Media and thus acts as a Web Master for the team as well. She considers herself pretty competative and has placed at a few competitions before. Outside of competing, she very much enjoys choreographing routines as well as taking part in them for campus performances. Outside of ballroom, Yelena's hobbies range from reading and doodling, to generally goofing off with friends.

Colby Allen

Colby has been a member of the team for 2 years and is currently in his 3rd and final year. Colby is majoring in psychology and has served on the executive board for over a year and a half in three different positions. He began in Spring 2010 as Public Relations officer, was then elected Treasurer for the 2010-2011 academic year, and is currently serving as Vice President for the team.
Some of Colby's accomplishments are: 6th place Newcomer Cha Cha (UConn, Fall 2009 with Yelena Mirsakova) 1st place in Bronze Int'l Rumba (UPenn, Spring 2010 with Colette Vaughan), 1st place overall Bronze Rhythm (Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, Fall 2010 with Colette Vaughan), 1st place overall Latin (Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, Fall 2010 with Colette Vaughan), 8th place Syllabus Bolero (Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, Fall 2011 with Yelena Mirsakova), 6th place Silver Swing (Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, Fall 2011 with Yelena Mirsakova).

Seth Hoffman

Seth Hoffman, is the team’s treasurer. He has been ballroom dancing since he was a bright eyed and red cheeked eleven year old. It all started in fifth grade when world famous Pierre Dulaine came into his gym class to teach him, his classmates and many New York City students how to ballroom dance. Have you heard of Mad Hot Ballroom or Take the Lead? They’re about his work. And yes, Seth actually does have his home phone number and personal email, so yeah, they’re pretty tight. He was hooked from the moment he did his first Foxtrot swing step—and it’s still his favorite step. Nine years later, you can find him having the time of his life dancing with the Stony Brook Ballroom Dance Team and handling lots of behind the scenes business. When he’s not dancing, you can find him reporting a story on a Stony Brook trend for the Statesman, selling cardigans to men at Macy’s—and no, he didn’t know what a cardigan was before he started working there—or making nightly Kelly runs with a few Cha Cha lock steps. He simply can’t control himself when the music starts and hopes to bring that energy to everybody he meets.

Janine Mariani

She is the Secretary and a second year member of the ballroom dance team. She has been dancing her whole life, and this is her second year of dancing ballroom. Her hobbies include American Sign Language, lacrosse and Lord of the Rings movie marathons. She love bacon!

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