An Exhortation To Be Alert To The Dharma
By Great Dharma Master Ou I

Translated by Dharma Master Lok To
Edited by Dr. Frank G. French

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Great Dharma Master Ou I once said, "To leave home and seek the Tao of Bodhi, you must generate your True Mind."  To make the Buddhists of his time and those of future Sanghas aware, he said, "If one holds the Discipline firmly and sincerely to end the cycle of birth and death, then this holding of the Discipline can lead him to Enlightenment.  If the practicing of Chıan is really done to end the cycle of birth and death, then this practicing of Chıan can lead one to Enlightenment.  If one concentrates on and practices Dharma, then one achieve Enlightenment.  If people help and support each other, they can, thereby, also achieve Enlightenment.  All of the foregoing holds true because the causal ground is real and sincere."

In contrast, the Master also said, "If one wants to become a Vinaya master merely to hold the Discipline or if one wants to become a Dharma master merely to listen to the Sutras or if one wants to become a Chıan master merely to investigate and practice Chıan or if one wants to develop various supernatural powers merely to create blessings for himself, then holding the Discipline, listening to the Sutras, investigating and practicing Chıan and developing superantural powers are all activities of the three evil paths."

Sutra Translation Committee of the United States and Canada, 1987