by Bhikkhu Upaya

This humble person is greatly honored to have been asked to write a brief foreword to the translation of the Enlightenment Sutra.  The translating of any work from Chinese into English a difficult task and this is especially more so, when, the translation deals with so profound a subject, as the Sutra that Dr. Tetcheng Liao made.

I have carefully studied the translation and recommend it highly to the earnest student. While it is true that, the complete teaching of the Compassionate Buddha is not incorporated in this Sutra, it does nevertheless, shine the azure blue Light of reality into our hearts.  The commentaries of the translator are in good form and little else can be added.

The importance of the Enlightenment Sutra as a guide to the lofty heights of nobleness, cannot he overstressed.  It is in my poor judgement, the gold key that opens the door of the room where the profoundest and most logical of all philosophy is stored.  It can only he hoped, that, hundreds of thousands of seekers  who are  struggling  to  attain  the highest  Bliss, will have the opportunity of reading this Sutra.  The words of the Blessed Teacher, "Impermanence characterizes everything in the universe," toll out a great Truth, and roll into our ears like the voice of a great silver bell across the valley of twenty five hundred years.

Harmony Buddhist Mission
Clarksville 3, Arkansas
U. S. A. July 1 1955.