Eight Verses on Training the Mind
by Geshe Lang-ri Tang-pa

Determined to accomplish
The highest welfare of all sentient beings
Who are more precious than wish-fulfilling jewels,
I will practice holding them supremely dear.

Whomever I accompany,
I will practice seeing myself as the lowest amongst them,
And sincerely cherish others supreme.

In all my actions,
I shall examine my mind,
And the moment a wild thought arises,
endangering myself and others,
I shall face it and prevail.

When I encounter those overwhelmed
By strong misdeeds and sufferings,
I shall hold them near as if I had discovered
A precious treasure difficult to find.

When, out of jeaslousy, others treat me badly
With abuse, slander and the like,
I will practice taking all loss
And offer the victory to them.

When someone I had benefitted in great hope
Unreasonably hurts me badly,
I will practice regarding that person
As my most excellent and holy guru.

In short, I will learn to offer help and happiness
Directly and indirectly to all my mothers,
And secretly take upon myself.
All their harmful actions and suffering.

I will keep all these practices
Undefiled by the superstitions of the eight worldly concerns,
And by understanding all the dharmas as like illusions,
I will practice, without grasping,
To release all sentient beings from bondage.