By Mandy Mui


Darkness arrives, the lonely of the heart


Emptiness which is felt, hollow of the soul


Nights become days, loneliness bestows


Nightly routine of intoxicants intake




Enter the bars, gathering of the dark souls


If one is to know of hell, of that below


Of the vices that occur in life


The chosen route, when one is unwise




Amongst foes, though think they are friends


Who encourages consumption of intoxicants till the end


Unable to distinguish friends from foes


Whispering of the poison speech, wrong path to be sold




Invasion of clear mind, clouds with confusion


Temporary happiness as alcohol and drugs seep in


Contentment is felt, or that of hallucination


Swift departure as arrival, happiness vanishes once again



Cheering sounds portray near, yet distant


Body collapses, hair upheaval, control is lost instant


Loss of right speech, thus follow wrong actions


Cannot focus or think, far too many distractions




Slumps on floor, where the body rests


Thinking and sense that it is a bed,


Late next day, before could be awaked


Waste of a day, now it is too late




Body worn out, aging of late nights


This path must be a mistake, now it is bright


For one is awakened by teachings of Buddha


Cease this lifestyle that one must do




Stop the intoxicants intake, and focus on the mind


Happiness is within oneself, not substances


Awaken and learn that happiness is in the mind


Pure contentment one would then find