Heart Sutra


                By Mandy Mui


The Heart Sutra, Heart of Perfection of Wisdom

The greatest mantra, an answer to eradicate all suffering

View it with the Dharma eye, be dust free

The message is clear, you shall see


The Heart Sutra, the Ultimate Truth

The right views of enlightened ones,

Answer to Perfection of Wisdom will come

Matter is emptiness, emptiness is matter


Every phenomenon is impermanent

Form is empty, emptiness is form

Signless, markless are all phenomenas

They co-arise from causes and conditions


There is no self, but emptiness

There is no ‘mine’, for there is no self

Person is a combination of various elements

Which come together under suitable conditions


Person is dependently originated ‘empty of self’

Self is that of one physical and four mental activities

Form, sensations, perceptions, volitions, consciousness

Combination of them, known as the Five Skandhas


Six internal bases, the sensory organs

Eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind

Six external bases, which mental activities act on

Sight, sound, scent, taste, tangibles, dharma


Five aspects of human existence are empty

Everything is interconnected, in constant flux

Sees and illuminates the emptiness of the five Skandhas

Thus attains deliverance from all suffering


Suffering caused by egos, attachments,

Resistance to change and loss

No attachment and hindrance in the mind

There is no more fear, nor wishful thinking



Distinction of the conventional truth and ultimate truth

No existence of the four noble truth

The Heart Sutra, wisdom that perceives reality,

Directly without conceptual attachment


“Gone, gone

Gone beyond

Gone beyond completely beyond

Praise to Awakening”