By Mandy Mui


A dark figure in the gloomy hefty room
Slumped over the tattered sofa, where I was found
Heart beats halted, pulse was no more
Breath had abandoned me, as it had created me

Misery was my long term companion
Fear was my shadow day and night
Had anyone acknowledge me, my companion and shadow?
Had I known, that not I, solely in this world to suffer

Perhaps my short life had been
Had I known, that intoxicants intake were my foes not friends
Possibly my heart, body, and mind would have been strong
Now regarding my corpse with pity and shame

This body which I abused, detested, and with disrespect
That should have been a blessed for me, to learn and inspect
Oh, regret that I am, for such wasted of an opportunity
Rebirth to this earth, where lessons present to be learned

Should I be born as a human again, I will surely gain
That this episode of life will never be repeated
Listen and study the teachings of Buddha, which I did not do
That suffering was a part of life; things are impermanent, for I was a fool

Ended my life, a shallow thought to cease the suffering
Little did I know, that I alone the result of my karmas
Suffering was inevitable as part of life, constant changes arise
Where there is health there is illness, where there is youth so is there aging

Where there is life, there is death, life is uncertain but death is certain
There is emptiness, no such thing as I, myself, and me
Learn I will of the s teaching, to free myself of samsara
Follow the Four Noble Truths, and of the Noble Eightfold Path

Suffering due to frustration, sadness, anxiety, stress and fear
Causes of suffering due to greed, hatred and confusion
Cessation of suffering due to peace of mind, fearlessness, and non attachment
Method of cessation by following and conducting the Noble Eightfold Path

To have right understanding, right thoughts, right speech, and right action
Right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration
Such peace, happiness that one would be
Persevere with the practice, be focused, be wise, and lead a harmony life Buddha prolonged