On the Mind of Metta
by Bhikkhu Khantipalo

We who wander
Long in Samsara
Should well remember,
Never forgetting
The words of Him
Blessed with all Virtues:
"No beginning is seen,
To this long running-on
In the Round of Birth-and-dying".

We who have faith
In the words of our Teacher,
Have also respect
And reverence for parents.
Long have they suffered
Toiled hard for our welfare.
Our gratitude to them
Amounting to more
Than the almighty mass
Of Sumeru Mountain.

In this long running-on
We must truly consider
All continuities
As being our parents,
As being our mothers--
With love they have borne us,
With love brought us forth,
Lovingly reared us
And gently cared for us.
Whoever we see
Be they human or other,
Bound in this time to unfortunate birth--
With eyes we should see them,
With minds think upon them--
Oh yes, truly, You are my mother!

Looking on beings
While filled with desire
Is wishing them bound
In the Kama-world longer.
Looking on beings
With a mind of hot hatred
In no way requites
A mother's loving care.
Looking on beings
With a mind dull deluded
Enmeshes them ever
In the net of Samsara.
Whether near or far dwelling
In whatever state living
All those in the past
And those now existing
All these continuities
In divers forms growing--
What harm can we do them?
How strike or hate them?
Or with tongue do them injure?

Looking on beings
As we reverence parents--
Comforting gently,
Protecting them well,
Wishing only to see them
In happiness dwelling ......
Oh yes, these, are my parents
And this is my mother
In this long running-on
In the realms of Samsara.