Dreaming that I Climb the Mountain
by Bai Juyi (Po Chu-i)
translated by Howard S. Levy and Henry Wells

Last night I dreamt
Of climbing Sung Mountain,
Striding out alone
With my rattan cane,
Past a thousand cliffs,
Over ten thousand ravines.
I enjoy them all.
In my dream
My leg was not paralyzed.
I was healthy as in youth.
But on waking, I returned to my senses,
With the same disfigured flesh and form.
Now for the first time I perceive truly
That form can be sick
And spirit healthy,
Form and spirit are both illusions;
Truth consists neither in reality nor dream.
In daytime I walk with difficulty,
In nighttime walk freely.
Since time is divided equally
Between day and night,
Nothing is lost.