Illusory Dew
by Ti Lian Geh, Miri
(From the Vipassana Tribune, Vol 3 No 2, June 1995)

At break of dawn,
on cool white lotus,
out of emptiness,
I was born.

People called me dew.
Then, plop! I drop,
into the pond,
freeing all my bonds.

Dispersed, diffused all over,
little here, little there,
and everwhere.
What am I, now?

Still dew?
No, I am the pond,
I am mother earth.
I have transformed.

Being a pond,
I am happy
giving life to innumerable lotuses
where million dews could form.

In the hot sunny day,
I shine but remain cool
to the fishes and tortoises
and nymphs of dragon fly.

At night, I keep them warm,
treating them as part of me
and they treat me as part of them.
Together, we live in great harmony.

Not forgetting the million dews
above me.
I keep smiling
My sweetest smile.

Inviting them to come and see,
to touch this vastness
of selfless love,
infinite peace and happiness.

Sadly, in spite of my smile
and gravity of mother earth,
they cling on
like me in the past.

Dews of the lotuses,
let go and be free.
Claim your heritage now
before it's too late.

Before grasshopper comes by,
sucks and churns you
in tunnel of infinite darkness
Then, scatters you all over its body.

Soon, dead in bird's gizzard.
That bird fall prey to snake
and when the snake dies,
vulture comes by.

In them, you transform and suffer,
one after the other, round and round,
not knowing when to be born again
as dew on white lotus?