On Impermanence
by Harold Schaper

Yesterday came and left you just his mark
Tomorrow dawns as certain as a clock
And between yesterday today and tomorrow
You are circled by the worry of uncertainty.

In vain the restless spirit
Looks for support to prove his "self"
Searches in past days, searches in far off days
And always must deplore the passing.

Is not the time running through the hour glass like sand?
Is not planning, hoping mere vain dallying
When you look back to far-off times
Which glide like dreams into your memory.

Whatever you do, friend, realize
There is no trace of permanence
There is only wishing, hoping, fearing,
And you will never reach your aim
Whatever you contemplate, time is everyday's death.
Every wish produces and bears a new suffering.

Plucky handle the wheel of life
Let the past, present, and future remain without fetters
With every wish overcome by your spirit
Another ring jumps out of the chain fettering your life.
Realize the delusion of world deception
To end it drive the mind's plough.