On What One Should Do
by Bhikkhu Khantipalo

Indeed one should enjoy oneself:
Enjoying Liberation from the Fetters.
Indeed one should eat much of luscious food:
And taste the Dharma-food Nirvana-flavoured.
One should indeed adorn oneself with costly cloth:
The clothes of Patience fine and long-enduring.
One should indeed own wealth and wide estates:
And make one's own the Deathless Land beyond all fear.
One indeed should dwell in luxuries and riches:
The Triple Precious Treasures secure within one's heart.
One indeed should reckon up one's golden hoard:
The coin of Dharma-gold hard-won by daily practice.
Indeed one should disport oneself in varied pleasure:
And know the joys of peace from meditation flowing.
Indeed one should go fighting merciless to kill:
Killing out the Roots Threefold of all Unskill.
And certainly make love with unrestrained passion:
Love all living things alike, not one excluding.

Dwell in the world--but in the Dharma dwelling.