The Life of a Turtle
by Gary C. Esposito 

Self or no-self
mine and yours
birth - death
these are just words 
that occupy the mind
ideas - separation - importance/power - conclusions
all are empty of true substance
to what the smile of the blue sky and the palm tree 

are sharing - they share everything.

Like a dream we think is Real -
can one fit a square peg into a round hole?!
can argument and opinion really see anything?!
is Beauty a collection of concepts?!
does the Universe agree with our ego-minds?!
do we really understand the life of even a turtle?!
why are the trees not thinking 

or speaking of yesterday or of tomorrow - but only of now?!

(and therefore are so quiet - even with the sound of the beautiful wind) 

Bright is the shore with surrender
piping plovers dance
and a grandmother sits in a beach chair
with eyes of love & gift
happiness seeing through the soft air
the thankfulness of the cosmos - always here.