The poem on the wall paper was part of the will left behind by Mr. Zhao Puchu, the former president of the Chinese Buddhist Association who passed away on May 21, 2000, at the age of 93. Although much can be said about the life of this extraordinary man, we'll just mention that he has made insurpassable contributions to the current revival of Buddhism in mainland China. He was also a renowned poet and calligrapher. As a matter of fact, the poem shown on the wall paper was an ink brush work of Mr. Zhao in a Beijing hospital in 1996. A sample translation of the poem follows:

To live is surely joyous,
But to die is nothing to be lamented.
Flowers fall and will blossom again,
Water flows on without a break.
The self is originally void,
Who is it that is to rest in peace?
Bright moon and soothing wind,
[Being just there],
Why labor to search for them.