It is hoped that this booklet introducing the Pure Land school of Buddhism, as practiced in China and now in America, will be helpful to students new to Buddhism and of interest to Buddhists already established in its practice.

        We earnestly recommend the teaching of the Pure Land tradition for your exploration because:

        In its own right, it is an excellent means of realizing enlightenment, of realizing that the Pure Land is Pure Mind.

        Its practical method of reciting Buddha Amitabha's name may also be included in other forms of Buddhist training.

        It is well suited to the present age as the invocation can easily be included in our daily life.

        We also believe that Grandmaster T'an Hsu has given us a refreshing exposition of the Buddha's teachings in his interpretation of the Three Jewels of Buddha(the Enlightened One), Dharma(the Law), and Sangha(the community), as well as a unique explanation of the Eightfold Path.

        May you be well and happy.

        May you persevere on your path to awakening.

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