In the sacred Buddhist texts of China, the Sutra of Buddha of Infinite Life relates Amitabha Buddha.

On a certain occasion, Sakyamuni Buddha (the Buddha of our present age) was on Vulture Peak, surrounded by his disciples.  Ananda, the Buddha's personal attendant, noticed the radiant beauty of Buddha and inquired what was the cause of the Buddha's joy. Sakyamuni relates the following story:

In an infinite time in the past, Bhiksu Dharmakara observed the misery of all sentient beings, and moved by compassion, he vowed to establish a pure and perfect land where all could be liberated from their suffering.  He then made forty-eight Vows in which he promised to establish this land or else he would not attain enlightenment.

The Sutra declares that Bhiksu Dharmakara practiced for many eons until he accomplished all his vows.  Since he has achieved his aims, he is considered to be the Buddha of that land-THE BUDDHA OF INFINITE LIGHT AND LIFE.

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