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General Body Meeting

This is our First General Body Meeting. Please spare your time and attend our meeting.

(tentative) TBA, 18:50-19:50, Thursday, October 5, 2006
Sudoku Tournament (postponed)

Have you played Sudoku? Whether you never heard of Sudoku or you are really good at Sudoku, we are planning to have a fun event. Please drop by and play the charitable event! Win the prize!

(tentative) TBA, 12:50-14:10, Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Recognition Opportunity Scholarships Et cetera
For more information, visit the Golden Key Headquarter.
Academic Honour

Once you have joined Golden Key, you are always a member. You will be recognized for your scholastic achievement by the presentation of a personalized certificate at your chapter's reception. Your guests are cordially invited, and top university administrators, faculty and community leaders also are invited to attend.

  • Top 15% of All Juniors and Seniors
  • More than 260 Chapters in the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates
  • Reception Honoring New Members
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Pins, Charms, Medallions and Honor Cords Available
Chapter Involvement
  • Community Outreach
  • Campus Initiative
  • Literary & Art Contests
  • Student Scholastic Showcase
  • Best of America
Leadership Opportunities
  • Chapter Officer Positions
  • Regional Conferences
  • International Conventions
  • Leadership Certificates
Career Assistance
  • Career Assistance Reference (200+ companies)
  • Corporate Recruitment Programs
  • Graduate/MBA Forum
  • Two Undergraduate Awards
  • Ten $10,000 Golden Key Scholar Awards

Art International (dates)
  • Art International recognizes members talented in the visual arts. The program includes categories for painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, applied art, printmaking, mixed media, and computer-generated art/graphic design/illustration.
  • One winner in each category will receive $1,000.
Business Achievement Awards ()
  • The Business Achievement Awards is a business plan competition that recognizes excellence in the study of business.
  • One winner will receive $1,000. A second-place winner will receive $750, and a third-place winner will receive $500.
Class Nobel Earth Ethics Award (date)
  • One prize of $1,000 is awarded each year to a student who exhibits exemplary dedication to environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • The winning earh ethics essay is published in CONCEPTS magazine.
Education Achievement Awards (date)
  • The Education Achievement Awards is a case study competition that recognizes excellence in the study of education at all levels.
  • One winner will receive $1,000. A second-place winner will receive $750, and a third-place winner will receive $500.
Engineering Achievement Awards (date)
  • The Engineering Achievement Awards recognize excellence in the study of engineering. A different specialty will be recognized each year.
  • One winner will receive $1,000. A second-place winner will receive $750, and a third-place winner will receive $500.
Excellence in Speech and Debate Awards (date)
  • These awards recognizetalented members for their oratory skills. The competition is open to members in any discipline.
  • One winner will receive $1,000, and one runner-up will will receive $500. Both finalists will have the opportunity to attend the Golden Key International Convention for a public debate to determint the winner.
Ford Motor Company/Golden Key Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Two scholarships are awarded at each university's induction based on academic achievement, campus leadership, and community service.
  • The amount varies by university, but more than $300,000 is awarded annually, and the minimum scholarship is $500.
  • The deadline is the same as the chapter's new membership deadline.
GEICO Adult Scholar Awards (date)
  • The GEICO Adul Scholar Awards recognize outstanding members over the age of 25 who achieve academic excellence while balancing multiple additional commitments such as family and/or career.
  • Ten $1,000 awards will be presented.
Golden Key Research Travel Grants (date)
  • These travel grants allow members to present their research at professional comferences or student research symposia.
  • Ten $500 awards will be granted each year.
Golden Key Scholar Award (date)
  • These scholarships support members' graduate study at accredited universities anywhere in the world.
  • Twelve $10,000 scholarships are awrded based on academic achievement, Golden Key involvement and extracurricular activities.
Golden Key Service Award (date)
  • This program recognizes one individual for outstanding service to the community.
  • The total prize is $1,000: $500 to the member, $250 to the chapter, and $250 to the charity of the recipient's choice.
Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships (date)
  • These scholarships assist members who wish to study abroad. The study abroad program must count as credit toward the applicant's degree.
  • Ten $2,000 awards will be presented.
International Student Leader Award (date)
  • This award recognizes one member for dedication to Golden Key, as well as for campus leadership, community service, and academic achievement.
  • The winner of the International Student Leader Award will receive $1,000.
Information Systems Achievement Awards (date)
  • The Information Systems Achievement Awards is a case study competition that recognizes excellence in the study of computer science.
  • One winner will receive $1,000. A second place winner will receive $750, and a third place winner will receive $500.
Literary Achievement Awards (date)
  • This award recognizes the literary talents of Golden Key members in four catergories¨fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and news/feature writing.
  • One winner in each category will receive $1,000 and will be published CONCEPTS, the Society's award-winning annual magazine.
Performing Arts Showcase (date)
  • The Performing Arts Showcase recognizes members gifted in dance, drama, instrumental performance, filmmaking, musical composition, and vocal performance.
  • One winner in each of the six categories will receive $1,000 and the opportunity to perform at the Golden Key International Convention.
Student Scholastic Showcase (date)
  • The Student Scholastic Showcase recognizes members for outstanding undergraduate research in any discipline, from anthropology to zoology.
  • Four winniers will receive $1,000 each and will present their research to more 1,000 delegates to the Golden Key International Convention.
  • t-shirt
  • CONCEPTS Annual Magazine
  • Key Notes Semi-Annual Newsletter
... more and more!