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(tentative) TBA, 12:50-14:10, Wednesday, October 18, 2006
To address any of your concerns, the following is a compiled list of frequently asked questions concerning the Golden Key International Honour Society.
-index -# What is Golden Key?

We are an academic honors association that recognizes the top 15% of students in second year and higher. Full and part-time students in all academic undergraduate fields are eligible.

Golden Key was founded on November 29, 1977 at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

As of July 2001, the Society has chapters at 315 major universities in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

-# What is an honor society?

Honor societies have been recognized by universities in the United States for more than a century.

The primary roles of an honor society include: Providing academic recognition to high achieving students. Establishing professional and social contacts, for these students, within a network of universities.

Bringing together students from diverse faculties and degree programs within each university. Reinforcing students' interaction with university staff and faculty.

-# What are the benefits of joining Golden Key?

Undergraduate scholarships (Three per university).

Graduate scholarships opportunities (Twelve available).

Many other scholarships.

Career Assistance Reference (Publication listing corporate contacts).

Recognition among the top achieving second, third, fourth and fifth year students on your campus and internationally.

Opportunity to receive and be published in CONCEPTS (Award winning annual journal).

Leadership opportunities.

Opportunity to attend international conventions and regional conferences.

Interact with other students, university staff and faculty.

Opportunity to feature Golden Key on your CV/resume.

International network of universities and colleges.

-# What are the requirements for membership?

Students must have at least one full year of university credit. They represent top 15% of students in second year and higher.

Full and part-time students.

Grade point average of at least 3.3.

-# Where does the membership fee go?

The lifetime fee pays for membership benefits:

50% of the fee goes to direct disbursements for the members - certificate of membership, reception ceremony, programs, scholarships, publications.

25% of the fee goes to disbursements for national and local chapter development - regional conference, international convention, staff support for each chapter, chapter materials (Chapter Training Book, Chapter Activity File Exchange, Web site, etc.).

25% of the fee goes to operating expenses - administrative assistance, payroll, printing, postage, etc.

-# After graduation, will I continue to receive benefits?

Yes, including these:

Career Assistance Reference (Publication listing corporate contacts).

Twelve $USD10,000 graduate scholarships.

CONCEPTS (Award winning annual journal).

Lifetime membership.

Alumni group with additional benefits.

-# Now that I have received the letter of invitation, what do I do?

Stop by the information table. Date should be annouced. Send in member information form to advisor by deadline date. Attend induction ceremony: Date should be annouced. Ceremony will take place at Staller Center.

-# After I become a member, am I required to participate?

Opportunities to participate are available. Participation to our activities is purely voluntary.

-# The deadline has passed; can I still join?

Yes. Send your member information form to international headquarters as soon as possible. You may still attend the induction ceremony; however a blank certificate will be presented to you at the ceremony. The completed certificate will be mailed to you.

-# I have lost my letter of invitation; can I get another one from you?

Yes. Once we verify that you have at least 27 credits at our university and that you meet our GPA requirements, we can send you another letter of invitation.

-# I meet Golden Key's requirements, but I haven't received a letter. Why?

The information was received from the Registrar's office. Have you moved or gotten married? Did you recently receive second year status? Did you recently transfer to the university from another institution? Did you transfer to a different faculty or degree program? Was your letter of invitation sent to your permanent address?

-# I recently transferred to this school; can I join?

Once we verify that you are at least a second year student, have at least 27 credits at our university and that you meet our GPA requirements, we can send you a letter of invitation. (If the university accepts transfer GPA, the advisor must decide if this GPA is acceptable for membership into Golden Key.)

-# Are graduate students allowed to join?

Yes, if your undergraduate institution has a Golden Key chapter and if you would have met that chapter's membership requirements, you could join at that university. You will need to submit a copy of your transcript to the advisor of that chapter.

-# I'm already a member, but I have not heard anything from the Society since I joined. Why?

Do we have your correct address and phone numbers? Does Golden Key international headquarters have your correct information? Please contact us to update our directory.

-# What if I can't afford to join?

If a student cannot afford to join, he/she has the following options:

Two membership fees for prospective members are waived per chapter per year. The local chapter decides on who should receive this benefit.

The invitation to join is good for one year from the date on the letter, or until the next invitation cycle, so you can wait until you can pay.

Partial payment cannot be made to Golden Key International Honour Society.

-# What is the Career Assistance Reference?

This is a listing of more than 550 companies that have agreed to review the resumes of all Golden Key members and have signed a contract with the international headquarters stating that they will do so. A Canadian version is available.

Several copies of this publication are sent to the advisor(s) and officers of each chapter. These copies should be kept by the chapter for review by Golden Key members only. Golden Key members can purchase copies of any or all of the three versions.

-# What is Golden Key's Corporate Council?

The Corporate Council partners with Golden Key to provide additional benefits to Golden Key members. Companies on this council also offer career opportunities to students.

Representatives from these companies sit on this board. Companies which are represented include:

- Bank of America
- Cisco Systems
- Dow Chemical Company
- Ford Motor Company
- Gateway
- General Mills
- Lehman Brothers
- MBNA America
- Merck
- Motorola
- The New York Times
- Jobdirect
- Shell