Frequently Asked Questions

Read questions other SBU students have had and if you have any other questions feel free to ask them below!

Check back here, this page will be updated throughout the semester!

1. How do I get to and from the airports? Is there a shared ride type of system?

Click here for the link that explains SBU's partnership deal with Super Shuttle! They run their system with a shared ride service. Unfortunately, to our knowledge there is no SBU organized shuttle to/from LaGuardia Airport...maybe that's something we can work out in the future!

2. When are OOSSA General Body Meetings?

For the Spring 2013 semester, we will be having meetings two Wednesdays per month from 7-8:30. We hope these turn out to be fun and relaxing for our memebers! Exact dates will be announced and sent out in emails and posted on facebook.

3. What do you guys like to do on the weekends? Do you have any suggestions?

We like to: go to the mall, explore NYC, work out at the gym, hang out with friends, study, relax, SLEEP, explore the nearby nature, visit Port Jefferson, go to sporting events, and just hang out at Staller Steps with some coffee and some friends.

4. Best place to study on campus?

Some places people often recommend: In your dorm, Humanities (atrium or second floor), Chemistry Library or other small library on campus, Central Reading Room and North Reading Room, and/or the main stacks of the library!