What is OOSSA?

The purpose of OOSSA is to provide the out-of-state student community with the resources to make their undergraduate career the best it can be. We are an events based club. We aim to help students assimilate into the Long Island environment as smoothly as possible because we all know how hard adjusting to college can be, let alone a new state or part of the country. We are open to students from everywhere, but focus on making connections for out-of-staters.

OOSSA logo

What do we do?

-Host fun and exciting events both on and off campus such as: bowling, Thanksgiving Dinner, pick up sports games, trips to NYC or Port Jefferson, and much more!

-Offer incoming freshmen or transfer students an upperclassman mentor, to help guide you through the process.

-Give involved members the opportunity to volunteer for the Undergraduate Admissions Department such as helping out with online chats, blogging, or visit-a-class programs!

We've had the same questions you have:

-Where can I go grocery shopping?

-What banks and pharmacies are off campus?

-What exactly is a “hero”?

-Is there really a w in “cawffee”?

-What’s there to do on the weekends?

-Where are the best places to live on campus?

-What’s open for food at 2am?

Just think, even before you set foot on campus, you already belong to a group! With a student body of 25,000, getting involved makes a large school feel even more welcoming, and is an important part of finding your identity on our campus.

OOSSA wants to help you experience all there is to do here on Long Island! Let us show you how to get around on the island (just because you may not have a car on campus doesn’t mean you are confined to SBU in your down time!), or get into NYC for a Broadway show or tour of the Statue of Liberty.

Your college experience is what YOU make of it.

Getting involved is the first step towards making your four years here the best they can be!