What’s the best way to adjust to college life? Meet someone who has already figured out the tips and tricks that make life easier!

The intent of mentoring is to match freshmen with upperclassmen that are in a similar major or come from the same region of the US. We want to make sure our freshmen have a connection with someone who will take them under their wing, and share with you the little things that make life on campus easier but have taken us years to figure out. Where’s the best place to study? How can you send your printing job from your laptop directly to SINC site printers and avoid wasting time waiting for a computer? What are the shortcuts through buildings so you aren’t sprinting to make it to class on time? Your mentor can help you decide what classes to take, offer advice on how to do well in those classes, and even help you find the best deals for the books you “really” need.

We expect our mentors to:

-Meet with his/her mentor group once a week.

-Encourage his or her mentees involved with student life as much as possible

-Go to sports games, grab lunch on or off campus, catch a movie at the Staller Center…