Tips and Advice from Upperclassmen

Read our insider tips on everything Stony Brook, brought to you by Stony Brook University upperclassmen!

Check back here, this page will be updated frequently!

1. Your college experience is what YOU make of it.

Getting involved is the first step towards making your four years here the best they can be!

2. Sign up for a bunch of clubs that you might be interested in at the involvement fair, and then over the course of the semester you can narrow it down.

3. Make sure you have a good balance between studying and social activities: Know yourself, your time management, and your limits.

4. Go to your classes, it will make everything less stressful.

5. Get your resume checked at the Career Center; There are some really amazing people in that office.

6. Don't be afraid of going to office hours! They can really help your grades!

7. Exchange information with at least one person from every class; you never know when you will need to borrow someone's notes!

8. Get involved: You don't want to regret missing out on such amazing clubs and sports! Don't hold yourself back!

9. Get in the Seawolves Spirit!

10. Learn to network, it'll get you places in life!

11. Don't forget to STUDY!

12. Try to get a job off-campus! You'll get to learn more about the wonderful surrounding areas!

13. Have fun meeting new people!