Beta Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc

The oldest existing Latino fraternity

La Esperanza Project

Two concerns that are currently confronting our Latino brothers and sisters in high school is the lack of guidance in the college admission processes and the steps needed to earn significant financial aid. With these two important issues in mind, we have developed a community service project that will have tangible results and create an impressive legacy for each of our chapters.

As an undergraduate, you may have been subjected to forms, requirements, deadlines, and last–minute appeals for acceptance or financial aid. For many, the struggle gets even worse once they are in school, so they borrow heavily. As the years go by, financial aid decreases. By then, these students face dropping out of school and being responsible for thousands of dollars' worth of debt. Those who manage to stay in school have to scrounge for the rest of their college career.

Now imagine the difference that can be made by trying to teach those hard–earned lessons to the juniors and seniors in high school who are about to face the same decisions you did. We may even have the added benefit of inspiring some that may not have had the intention to attend college to give it a second thought.

The Beta Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha initiated this project in the spring semester of 2001, with Brentwood High School, following with ASPIRA of New York. We will continue to strive for the continuing the success of incoming students through the Esperanza Project.