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Jose Marti Scholarship


This annual award is to recognize an undergraduate student who exemplifies the life of Don José Martí. Don José Martí, nicknamed “El Apostol,” devoted his life to the Independence of Cuba. His teachings and writings on the socio–political injustices of Spanish colonialism led to his exile from four different countries. Still, he continued to fight against the oppression of his people, not just in Cuba, but also in all of Latin America. He believed in and promoted the ideal of Pan Americanism: the unification of Latin American countries. Don Martí died on May 19, 1895 while fighting for Cuban Independence in the battle of Dos Rios. Don José Martí was an intellectual, his most potent weapon his pen. It is for this reason that the scholarship is named in his honor.


Any undergraduate with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA is eligible to apply. Eligibility criteria are subject to change, and there is an application deadline. Please consult the application for up-to-date information. Call or email the brother specified in the application if you have any questions.


$250.00, subject to change. Please consult the application for updated information.