Beta Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc

The oldest existing Latino fraternity

Spring 1997: Los reconquistadores de nuestro reino


  • Name: Felix "Napoleón" Pacheco
  • Education: BS Applied Math and Statistics; medical school
  • Traits developed through Phiota: Besides wonderful memories, my interpersonal and leadership skills were greatly enhanced. I have grown to rely on my familia for both personal and professional support, life would not be the same without them.
  • Current profession: Medical school student


  • Name: Elpidio "Añejo" Rodriguez
  • Education: BS in Business Management; MS in Computer Information Systems; MBA in progress

  • Traits developed through Phiota: Entrepreneurship, self-starter skills developed from building up our chapter finances, membership, and marketting; teamwork skills developed with running a chapter with my fellow brothers and as alumnus, working on National initiatives over long distances; leadership skills developed by spearheading workshops on a chapter level and initiatives on a National level. Also from "mentoring" younger chapter brothers as an undergrad and mentoring undergrads as an Alumnus. Philanthropy and Community Service—sense of duty developed via the community service we did as undergrads, which I continue as an alumnus by donating to causes and doing volunteer work

  • Current profession: Account Supervisor for Williams Lea


  • Name: Richard "Precioso" Menjívar
  • Education: BA in Spanish and Business Management
  • Traits developed through Phiota: As a commuter student and an individual that worked his way through every step of his undergraduate career I can say that my experience with PHIA aided in strengthening my time time management and networking skills. In addition to gaining knowledge while teaching others of our wonderful hispanic culture I made lifelong friends and gained an extended family. Overall being a member of PHIA made my college experience more enjoyable and positive, as a platform to display the unique qualities that make me the indivual I am today.
  • Current profession: New York State Trooper


  • Name: Ricardo "Oro" Torres
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies, Minor in Latin American Caribbean Studies; Master of Social Work
  • Traits developed through Phiota: Blank
  • Current profession: Mental Health Program Director


  • Name: Mark "Acelerado" Pichardo