The Public Speaking Forum was established in the Spring of 2004 by four undergraduates, Sanah Ahmad (BS 04'), Mohamed Alloo (BS '04), Josias Caminero (BA '05), and Clara Miranda (BS '05). These four student leaders wanted to bring something different to the campus community.  What makes the Public Speaking Forum different from other clubs is that it does not focus on a specific target audience, but on all students who wish to improve their oral communication skills.  Any Stony Brook student can attend and make speeches about anything they want to share. Usually, members practice communicating the ideas of their field of study. Lively debate is also a common event at the forum.

We are funded through the Undergraduate Student Government fee.  This fee is mandatory by all undergraduate students.  There are over 250 clubs and organizations that get funding from this fee.

Our advisor is Marianna Savoca; director of the Career Center at Stony Brook University.  Ms. Savoca has given our club an excellent image and has been our steadfast advocate.  Ms. Savoca has shared her wealth of experience in organizing and marketing events. Ms. Savoca conducts many informative sessions at the forum, which students deem extremely helpful.